Our first ever podcast episode!

Have you ever been on a podcast? We thought we would give it a try and continue our work to spread the word about The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation and the flight scholarship!

Click here to listen to our visit with Captain George Nolly, as we explain the work we do to help future young aviators achieve the first step in their aviation dream: The Private Pilot Certification. As a reminder, the application window closes January 31st. Get those applications in the mail!

One Comment on “Our first ever podcast episode!

  1. Good work. Thank you for contributing to the future of our youth and of aviation. I am a Young Eagles coordinator in Jupiter Florida and am wouking with a number of young people striving to pursue careers in aviation. We have four eligable teens but only one Ray Foundation Scholarship to offer. One of our kids just completed his PPL. We would love to nominate four more students. Please keep us informed prior to your next opening and of any other options. Thank you,
    Rick Golightly, EAA 146318
    [email protected]