Child Free Flights?

I read an interesting article in the Travel section of the August 29, 2010 issue of The Washington Post titled “No Babies on Board”.  A travel site asked 2000 people “would you want to sit next to a crying baby on an airplane?”  This question was posed after a Florida woman sued Quantas Airlines claiming that a screaming baby on board a flight from Australia caused her ears to bleed. I had no idea you could sue a major corporation for such a thing!  I have always chalked up traveling with near screaming, sick or ill-mannered children as coing with the territory! Who knew you had a choice?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-children, however, I do tend to attract the criers, sick to the stomach, ill- mannered under four year olds on a regular basis and it is not limited to flights!

In the survey, fifty-nine percent of the respondents said “they would prefer a ‘Families Only section onboard flights. It was no surprise that non-parents liked the idea (68%).  Almost 25% surveyed said they would prefer completely child-free flights!

Do I sense a new fee for airline travelers?  Will we soon have access to flights with or without children or an Adults Only section? Depending on the length of the flight, I might be tempted to pay the premium!

Cheryl Homer Wilson, Executive Director

LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation

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  1. Is it possible to link this site to facebook? I would have liked to have shared your blog with some of my facebook friends. Many sites have a share button that allows you to share on many of the social networks.

    If I could afford to pay the premium, I would definitely opt in for the baby-free flight. I seriously doubt the airlines would go so far as to implement such a thing, but 5 years ago, i’d have laughed at anyone who’d have suggested they would charge us for a suitcase.

  2. I think they SHOULD implement this idea.
    And I don’t think they should charge extra for it. Not having your senses assaulted (having to smell others or hear screaming) should be a basic right included in the overpriced fares we already pay.
    Do those of us without a child get a discount?
    How about those of us without a child and who are NOT obese?
    If they’re charging extra for those who are overweight and do have children, how about knocking back a discount to others who don’t fall into that category, as we are clearly the minority.
    Free bags, at least? Damn.

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