More Than A Pilot

I’ve been a board member with the LeRoy Homer Jr. Foundation since its inception in 2002 but had my first public interview this month on BlogTalkRadio. Beyond Expectations is a talk show on BlogTalkRadio that focuses on organizations that are making a difference and are comprised of individuals who volunteer their time. The experience started off pretty nerve wrecking, but I felt at ease after the first few minutes.

One of the main things we focused on was the life of LeRoy Homer. Even though I knew LeRoy personally and have read about his life before Sept 11, it was different to talk out loud and share it with an audience.  How he worked part time jobs as a teenager to get enough money for flight lessons. How in 8 short years he went from a 16 year old getting his private pilot’s license to graduating the Air Force Academy to achieving the rank of Captain and ultimately, Major.  In between those years, he supported war efforts, was an academy liason officer and a flight instructor. All this before he even began at United Airlines.

Wow, what an achievement!

I think we tend to forget that pilots are real people with real families and real lives and have real dreams. When we step foot on a plane, we take a peek into the cockpit for curiosity sake and don’t really give much of a second thought to it again. The pilots have a family at home waiting for them and take risks to make sure we get to where we need to go. These men and women risk their lives every day to keep us safe in the air. And for that I am thankful.

LeRoy was one of those real people and we are taking his real dream and helping to put more heroes in the sky.

Jane Oswari

Acting Vice President

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