My Experience with Airline Entertainment

What is your favorite past-time while flying?  I really enjoy the entertainment centers on the transcontinental flights.  Recently I had the opportunity to watch a movie that I would not normally go to the movies to see – cartoon feature.  As an adult without children it is difficult to find friends that are interested in seeing the latest cartoonJ.  I also enjoyed learning a new language and developing my own play list from albums and artists ranging from Beethoven to Tanya Tucker.

The movie selections are great.  The personal selection and screen options allow you to view the available selections and select a movie.  If you happen to dose off you simply restart or pause the movie.  I have watched all of the latest cartoon classics while flying.  On a good flight there is no need to carry your own music selections unless you have some must have oldies.  My flight from Newark to Singapore provided a listing of albums according to type (classic, country rhythm and blues, etc) according to artist.  After you select the type and artist you can listen to the entire album, a selection or a sample.  If you like a selection you simply add it to your play list.  The experience gave me the opportunity to discover artists that I would not normally listen to.  After making the selections, I had the option of simply listening to the music in sequence or shuffling the music.  I really enjoyed sleeping to the sound of music.

I also enjoyed activities designed to stimulate the brain.  Even though I have visited Korea on several occasions, I do not speak Korean.   One of the flight options allowed the opportunity to learn the language of your choice.  I chose Korean.  The initial lesson taught me how to count from 1-20.  The test to measure comprehension was actually a computer game.  I did not make it beyond level 1 but I can count from 1-20 in Korean.  What are some of your favorite past-times while flying?

Teresa Harman

Board Member

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  1. I would just like to say that it would be an honor to attend this foundation. I think that what you are doing is the most anyone could do to support an hero from 911. I have seen the movie United 93 and saw what the crew and passsagers went threw that explosive day in time. I would just love to say thank you for your support.

  2. I graduated St. John the Baptist High School with Leroy in 83′ and had the honor of knowing him. Thinking of him today, and praying for you and your family as you continue to cope with this loss. His spirit will remain with all of those who knew him……

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