To Forget or To Not

I am struggling yet with the dichotomy of “to forget or not to forget”.  I don’t have a choice.  I was married to a wonderful man who gave his life to save others.  I think about him everyday…for the past eight years.  There is a sentiment that people do not want to relive, remember, agonize anymore about September 11th.  Even though only eight years have passed, many people seem to want to wish it away.

But then I am invited to the US Capitol to a dedication of a plaque wearing all the crew members and passengers names.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in attendance as our senators and members of the house of representatives who we weren’t expecting, but came to support the dedication,  who wanted to be a part of the ceremony.  The plaque will remain in perpetuity as long as the US Capitol stands.  Several individuals – congressmen, aides took me aside to thank me for my husband’s sacrifice for the United States.  Many shared stories of being in the Capitol that day.  Their lives were likely saved by LeRoy Homer and the other individuals of the crew as well as the passengers..

I live with the loss of LeRoy every day.  I appreciate the world thinking about Flight #93 and the many other lives lost that day on this day eight years later.  Gone, But Not Forgotten.

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  1. Mrs. Homer,

    Your husband and everyone else on Flight 93 were brave, courageous people that I personally admire and will never forget. All the events on that tragic day will always be remembered in my household by myself and my son. So many lives were taken, so many families were forever changed. To this day, I read articles, watch videos, see replays, and my eyes tear and my heart breaks at the losses.

    I fly my flag proudly, and September 11 (every year) is a day of remembrance for me. I want you to know that there are still people out there that have chosen “not to forget”, and I am one of them. I will always be one of them.

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