Bring Aviation to Elementary Schools

As part of The Foundation’s commitment to promote aviation careers, we’ve decided to work with disadvantaged schools in the New Jersey area initially, to educate kids about what it takes to become a pilot. We are planning to take this message to the schools beginning in September 2009. As we tried to come up with creative ideas and the best way to present the information, we discovered a New Jersey base company that creates educational materials for kids. CATAVIA KIDS was created by Teresa Villareal, an aeronautical engineer, who attended MIT, and has an impressive resume, working with Boeing for many years, she became aviation consultant before deciding she wanted to start her own company to educate kids about aviation. After we contacted Teresa, she was enthusiastic about we were doing and offered to donate copies of her Black Box CD ROM. Her award winning Black Box CD ROM teaches kids how airplanes fly, how air traffic control works, as well as the basics of flying, and recognizing different aircraft. No CD ROM would be fun for kids if it didn’t have games and prizes for completing various tasks. We are so grateful for CATAVIA KIDS sharing this technology with us.

We also discovered a great book for the really little kids called “Amelia and Emily Go for a Ride’. This children’s book is based on a flight Amelia Earhart took with Eleanor Roosevelt, a great book for inspiring young girls. There will probably always be fewer minorities and women in aviation. But what we’ve noticed in the seven years we have operated The Foundation is that we need to inspire young kids, so they realize if they are interested in becoming a pilot, they can achieve their goal, no matter what neighborhood they are from. Most pilots I have met, including my husband, knew they wanted to fly when they were really young. We want to try to make an impact as soon as we can. I want to see more minorities and women in aviation. And we need you – If you are a pilot who would like to make a difference in a child’s life – to give us a call, to help us out with our awareness program. One school visit every couple of months is all we ask. Try to remember when you were a kid how much it would have meant to have a “real pilot” come and talk to your school. It’s time to pay it forward.

2 Comments on “Bring Aviation to Elementary Schools

  1. You guys could stand to clean up your punctuation and stuff. You don’t need a capital T in “the Foundation.”

    While you can get away with using single quotes instead of double quotes on the name of a short-form work, you do need to pick one or the other, and the period or comma at the end of the sentence goes INSIDE either one. (At least they do in American English. The British have different rules about that, but they also spell “color” with a U.)

    Also, putting quote marks around an expression, such as “real pilot,” means “not really a real pilot.” It’s kind of like saying, “I listened to a ‘pro-science’ politician who didn’t want to support aviation education in schools.” If the phrase really is what you mean, then don’t disown it with quotation marks.

    I feel that if you gave your blog a little more proofreading, you would make a better impression on your readers. Your message is serious and professional, so your presentation should do it justice.

  2. I am going to purposely spell everything wrong and not put any punctuations you are a real ignorant person who just want to have something to say let me guess your mad at the fact that Leroy is a hero and the foundation is trying to provide our children with things they could not get any other way I wish I could just slap you. I guess your child will be a looser like you!

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